Emmezeta - La Residenza sul Mera | La tua residenda nel cuore di Chiavenna
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A stylish residential estate in the earth of Chiavenna, on the banks of the Mera river.


Where the waters of the Mera flow into the Adda river and Lake Como, sheltered by imposing mountain peaks, and just 130 km from Milan, lies the Chiavenna Valley, a heartland of sport, art and natural beauty just a hot, step and a jump from the glamorous ski slopes of Madesimo and St. Moritz.

The Chiavenna Valley provides discerning sports fans and nature lovers with an unrivalled array of options, not to mention an impressive selection of dining opportunities to satisfy the most demanding foodies and gourmets.

Visitors to the thoughtfully preserved centuries-old town of Chiavenna find themselves time-travelling into yesteryear. Traditional soapstone fountains and magnificent palazzos embellished with beautifully preserved frescos and grand entrance portals can be found at every turn amid the town’s narrow winding streets.